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产品详细描述 :TTGO T-controller ESP32-WROVER 4MB SPI flash and 8MB PSRAM 0.96OLED five-way button 18650 battery holder   Hardware SpecificationsChipsetESPRESSIF-WROVER-B 240MHz Xtensa® single-/dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessorFLASHQSPI flash/SRAM, up to 4 x 16 MBSRAM 520 kB SRAMButtonreset,bootButtonOK,UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHTswitchBAT switchdispaly0.96 SSD1306Power indicator lampredUSB to TTLCP2104Modular interfaceUART、SPI、SDIO、I2C、LED PWM、TV PWM、I2S、IRGPIO、capacitor touch sensor、ADC、DACLNA  pre-amplifieron-board clock40MHz crystal oscillator working voltage2.3V-3.6Vworking currentabout 60mAsleep&...
TTGO T-Hacker DIY BOX ESP8266 Wifi OLED Display Attack Weather Station Temperature Humidity Sensor For PS4-WiFiThis product is a DIY product and can be used for WiFi attack, weather stations, PS4-WIFi. WiFi connection password: deauther Product Details Since it is a DIY product, the shell is not open mold. There is no smooth incision. If you care about this, please don't buy it.DIY BOX is based on ESP8266 master control. Default built-in WiFi attack program, and the rest of the function needs a fumble heart, according to the tutorial information to set. Wifi AttackWifi attack, when your child is at home all day long, with his cell phone, indulging in the Internet, show your God - silently let your children return to reality.How do you make the goddess catch you...
TTGO TQ ESP32 0.91 OLED PICO-D4 WIFI&Bluetooth LoT Prototype Board For Arduino  DetailsMore product information, link to:  For more information on the product, please enter:  Product Use Demonstration  Welded Demonstration(Shipping is not weld)   Shipping List(Shipping list not include battery)TTGO TQ ESP32 0.91 OLED WIFI&bluetooth Module*1USB to TTL converter UART module CH340C *11X13 pin *21X7 row female *11X7 bent pin *11X2 Pin*1
4M Byte (32M bit )Pro ESP32 OLED V2.0 TTGO & For Arduino ESP32 OLED WiFi Modules+Bluetooth Double ESP-32 ESP8266 Et OLED Description: 1.The main control chip using  ESP32  of Espressif , Tensilica  dual core processor, clocked at 240MHz,  computing capacity of up to 600DMIPS, 520 SRAM, 802.11 KB chip b/g/n HT40 Wi-Fi transceiver, baseband, and LWIP protocol stack,Bluetooth (Bluetooth dual-mode integrated traditional and BLE low-power Bluetooth).2.Onboard 4M Byte (32M bit ) , Flash, and Wi-Fi antennas.3.0.96 inch White OLED display.4.Lithium battery charging circuit and interface.5.CP2102 USB to serial chip, perfect support for Arduino development environment.  Note: This product does not include the battery.For more product information,click...
TTGO ESP8266 0.91 Inch OLED For Arduino For Nodemcu Development Board Hardware Specifications Master chip  ESPRESSIF-ESP8266FLASH 32 M BitsKEY reset,prgdispaly 0.91-inch 128*32 OLEDPower indicator lamp redUSB to TTL CP2102modular  interface read , write , IIC , SPI , the middle , PWM , ect...on-board clock 26MHz crystal oscillator working voltage 3.3V-7Vworking current about 70mAworking temperature range  -40℃ ~ 90℃size 50.86mm*18.2mm*6.96mm Power Supply Specifications Power Supply USB 5V/1Acharging current 500mAbattery 3.7V lithium battery  Product Detail   For more product information, click Di...
TTGO 4Mt Bytes (32 Mt bit) Pro ESP32 OLED V2.0 For Arduino  WiFi Modules+Bluetooth Double ESP-32 ESP8266Describe:1.The main control chip using ESP32, Tensilica dual core processor, clocked at 240MHz,computing capacity of up to 600DMIPS, 520 SRAM, 802.11 KB chip b/g/n HT40 WiFi transceiver, baseband, and LWIP protocol stack, Bluetooth (Bluetooth dualmode integrated traditional and BLE low-power Bluetooth).2.Onboard 4 Mt bytes (32 Mt bit) , Flash, and Wi-Fi antennas.3.0.96 inch White OLED display.4.Lithium battery charging cir...
TTGO T2 ESP32 0.95 OLED SD card  WiFi + Bluetooth Module Product Details Pin diagramFor more product information, please visit: Use Example(This product does not include battery) Shipping List:ESP32 T2*1Pin *2Power Cable *1
N1201SA GSM Antenna analyzer Specifications Frequency                              35MHz~2700MHzSpacing                                  1kHzDisplay                                    2.4inch TFT Pixel 320×240(QVGA)Battery                                    2000mAH(7.4Wh)Power dissipation                    Charging current          ...
LILYGO® TTGO Tm Music Albums 2.4 Inch PCM5102A SD Card ESP32 WiFi And Bluetooth Module  Pin Reference Description More information, please click: 1. Use Demo  Shipping List1 X TTGO Tm  Music Albums 2.4 TFT inch ESP32 Module1 X GROVE Cable1 X GROVE  Holder1 X Power Cable1X Free Box
TTGO TO ESP8266 OLED SH1106 1.3Inch Weather Station Wifi Meteo Module    Technical specsA TTGO wifi board with 2MB flash based on ESP-8266EX.SH1106 1.3inch OLED (SDA-D1,SCL-D2)Battery power switchLithium battery interface, 500mA Max charging currentAntenna pedestalButton(D6,D8,D7)Microcontroller  :    ESP-8266EX    Operating Voltage :      3.3VDigital I/O Pins :     8Analog Input Pins : 1(Max input: 3.2V)Clock Speed:   80MHz/160MHzFlash:      2M bytesWorking current : 70~80 mA Pin reference descriptionGet more details about the product,link to: Use Demonstration  Shipping List (Not include battery)Normal Version1 X TT...
LILYGO® TTGO Backlight Adjustment PSARM 8M IP5306 I2C Development Board For Arduino HardwareSpecificationsChipsetESPRESSIF-ESP32 240MHz Xtensa® single-/dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessorFLASHQSPI flash/SRAM, up to 4 x 16 MBSRAM 520 kB SRAM , SPRAM 8MKEYreset,bootKEYIO37,IO38,IO39DispalyILI9341 2.2Inch(240*320)USB to TTLCP2104Modular  interfaceSD card、UART、SPI、I2C、PWM、I2S、ADCOn-board clock40MHz crystal oscillator Working voltage2.3V-3.6VWorking currentabout 43mASleep current1.1mAAudio ampns4148Working temperature range-40℃ ~ +85℃Size&weight66.70mm*42.59mm*12.50mm(20.23g)  Po...
LILYGO® TTGO TS V1.2 DIY Box ESP32 1.44 Inch 128*128 TFT MicroSD Card Slot Speakers Bluetooth Wifi Module3D Shell Print Download Link: List1 X  TTGO TS V1.2 DIY Box
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