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Size: 45mm x 33.5mmAdvantage:1, each one will do functional testing.2, especially with a 3Pin 70cm connection, connect to the MKS MINI mainboard easy to use.3, the maximum current can be up to 12ATechnical support and guarantee:Power test will be done before delivery, guaranteed delivery official use only.If you have any questions please put forward,we will reply as soon as possibleOn the MKS MINI mainboard to use:1, Power Connect the power supply, pay attention to positive and negative.2, Hotbed hot bed heater wire connection, regardless of the positive and negative.3, the control signal is close to J6-pin connector Gnd, do not take the middle, leaving a hot bed switch pin connection, if the connection MKS MINI, 3Pin cable can be connected directly to the appropriate location on the ...
Features:8x8 dot matrix LED8 step adjustable intensity Shipping list:1.WEMOS Matrix LED Shiled  x1PCS2. Pins  x2PCS
Notice:   The new tracking number for  Yanwen Economic  Air Mail can be traced only befor it arrive the airport of your country,please choose  Special Line YW / China Post Air Mail or AliExpress Standard Shipping. if you want a full tracking info.The same product will arrive in 15 to 60 days.Tracking info of  Yanwen Economic  Air Mail can be check here:  Features:Input: 7-24VMax Current: 1AShipping list:1.WEMOS DC Power Sh...
Notice:   The new tracking number for  Yanwen Economic Air Mail can be traced only befor it arrive the airport of your country,please choose  Special Line-YW/China Post Air Mail or AliExpress Standard Shipping.if you want a full tracking info.The same product will arrive in 15 to 60 days.Tracking info of  Yanwen Economic Air Mail can be check here: Features:i2c interfacetwo user selectable addressestypical genauigkeit2% rh und0,3 cmore: https: / / / product / sht30-shield.htmlverschiffen liste:1.normalen pins x2pcs2.SHT30 Schild x1pcs
What's new about V2.3.0Move the USB & Button to top.Features11 digital input/output pins, all pins have interrupt/pwm/I2C/one-wire supported(except D0)1 analog input(3.2V max input)a Micro USB connectionCompatible with Arduino Compatible with  nodemcu lots of Shields shipping list:1.Long femalepinsx2pcs 2.Short female pins x2pcs3.Normal pins x2pcs4.WEMOS D1 mini x1pcs
About photo transistor Phototransistor 0 to 1 V voltage to be converted ESP - WROOM - 02 TOUT terminal connection. WROOM ESP - 02 analog input is used in front of thesketch,the following description is necessary. Extern "C" { Include user interface h _ #". } Recommend WROOM ESP - 02 module works hot, so continuous operation and correct temperature measurement can not. Use deep sleep mode intermittent action tocontrol the use&#...
Notice:   The new tracking number for  China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus can be traced only befor it arrive the airport of your country,please choose     China Post Air Mail or AliExpress Standard Shipping     if you want a full tracking info.The same product will arrive in 15 to 60 days.Tracking info of  China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus can be check here: the minimum esp8266 wemos d1 mini v2 is wi fi. the d1 type mini wifi mini ist ein auf esp - 8266ex.   mehr: http: / / 11. digital eingang / ausgang pine, pine in unterbrechen / pwm / i2c / draht (außerd0)analogeingang of 3.2 v max eingang) in micro usb - anschluss  Click the link for more details:&#...
describeESP32 Rev1 Wi-Fi, the Bluetooth built-in ESP - WROOM - 32 microcomputer module, is used on the test circuit board. The central part of the test circuit board plug is compact, 300 mil wide, and the other parts are blocked. In addition, the reset and program write mode switching circuitry is also loaded, so there is no need to make it on another model.Use instance pictures   Notice:This product is shipped without welding. The shipping list is shown below.
Test program/** Connect the SD card to the following pins:** SD Card | ESP32* D2       12* D3       13* CMD     15* VSS     GND* VDD     3.3V* CLK      14* VSS      GND* D0 2 (add 1K pull up after flashing)* D1 4*/#include "FS.h"#include "SD_MMC.h"void listDir(fs::FS &fs, const char * dirname, uint8_t levels){Serial.printf("Listing directory: %s\n", dirname);File root =;if(!root){Serial.println("Failed to open directory");return;}if(!root.isDirectory()){Serial.println("Not a directory");return;}File file = root.openNextFile();while(file){if(file.isDirec...
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