ChipESP32-WAROVERLCD3.5 inch capacitive touch screen ST7796 FT6X36USB TO TTLCP2104RelayHFD3 5V 2ARelay connector5.08DC-DC input5-12VDC Block Specifications5.5X2.1TYPE-C input5VUSB output5V 1ABattery interfaceH2.0 3.7V lithium batteryBattery switchToggle SwitchesButtonRST button, custom buttonRTCPCF8563Extension pin2.54 2X20Double-layer USB expansion portOutput 5V 1ADouble-layer USB interfaceThey are I2C/UART functionsGithub Link: Pi is designed and modified by the LILYGO team based on the Raspberry Pi appearance structure. The appearance is similar to the Raspberry Pi motherboard structure. The 2X20 expansion port next to it has reserved pins that match the Raspberry Pi GPIO, which is suitable for some Ras...
T-Bao is based on the T-WATCH K210 host. The 13pin FPC reserved from the back extends the motor drive module. By using the reserved shaft design of the host, a PC+ABS shell is designed and manufactured. The power supply reserves a 9V battery connector. The base is designed with a 9V battery compartment (a large capacity rechargeable 9V battery is recommended), which is convenient for adding batteries. AIOT smart car can be programmed with T-WATCH K210 host and K210+ESP32+DRV8833 motor drive module to meet various AIOT creative applications.T-BAO K210 Hardware Specifications:ChipsetESP32-PICO-D4 / Kendryte K210 RISC-V Dualcore 64bit with FPU / MAX98357Audio chipFLASHQSPI flash 16MBSRAM 8MBButtonPower key , BootPower Management SystemPMU AXP202RTC Clock PCF8563USB to TTLCP2104Modul...
Hardware SpecificationsChipset:ESP32 WIFI/Bluetooth USB TO TTL:CP2104 LCD:0.96 IPS LCD Heart rate blood oxygen sensor:MAX30102 Six-axis attitude sensor chip:MPU6050 RTC:PCF8563 Customizable buttons:Button Battery:200mah Charging voltage and current:5V,500mah More Information:
Hardware Specifications Chipset:SX1302+SX1250(2pcs) Supply voltage:3.0V-3.6V(Typ:3.3V) Wireless standard:LoRa/FSK Frequency range (optional):433/470/868/915MHz Transmit power:MAX:26dBm Receiving sensitivity:-143dBm @ SF12 Antenna interface specifications:IPEX Connection interface type with Raspberry Pi:SPI or TTL More Information:
T-WATCH para la interacción programable del Motor LEGO WiFi Bluetooth Lora ESP32 pantalla táctil capacitivaGithub enlace:Https:// T-WATCH para lego se basa en el T-WATCH host con las funciones principales de WIFI/Bluetooth y pantalla táctil capacitiva IPS. Las funciones básicas programables son: 1. sensor de paso acelerómetro de tres ejes BMA423, 2. chip de gestión de energía PMU AXP202, 3 Motor chip de transmisión DRV8833. 4, botones personalizados, Lista de envío: 1 T-WATCH anfitrión compatible con lego motores 2 cable de datos
Hardware Specifications ChipsetK210 (RSIC-V architecture, 64-bit dual-core) + ESP32 (SoC WIFI/Bluetooth) SPI/UART communicationFLASH16MBPSRAM8MBSRAM 528KBButtonSwitch Button, custom ButtonUSB to TTLCP2104On-board clockRTC PCF8563Display1.54 IPS fully fitted capacitive touch screen with 8080 interfaceCameraHinge design, OV2640 2MP 65 degree lens (optional 120 degree angle lens)Human infrared sensorAS312LED white light highlightHigh brightness white LEDTF card connectorRecommend to use 98M/Hz 16GTF cardshell materialPC+ABSBottom designSupport lego expansion port, M2 nut port (can be used for different fixing methods), 3 built-in button pin holes are reserved, (ESP32-boot, RST, K210-RST button)Reserve IO port for expansion and developmentThe left and right sides have reserved 6...
4Pin Cable : Link:
T-WATCH for lego is based on the T-WATCH host with the main functions of WIFI/Bluetooth and IPS capacitive touch screen.The basic programmable functions are:1. BMA423 three-axis accelerometer step sensor,2. Power management chip PMU AXP202,3. Motor drive chip DRV8833.4, custom buttons,Github Link: List:1. 1 X Host T-WATCH compatible with lego motors   2. 1 X Cable
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