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Vorbestellen! Elecrow ESP32S Rev1 Wifi Bluetooth Combo CPU Netzwerk Port Top Mit MCU Low-power-bluetooth ESP32 esp-wroom-32

上市日期: 2017-11-25
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Vorbestellen! Elecrow ESP32S Rev1 Wifi Bluetooth Combo CPU Netzwerk Port Top Mit MCU Low-power-bluetooth ESP32  ESP-32S ESP-wroom-32


this module esp32s v & all; completely fits r & t .; r wifi 802.11b / g / n / e / i and bluetooth v4.2 br / edr & t standard, offers a series of l and all of wifi and bluetooth, and to support and professional; cats & all real - time; Open operating systems (rtos). esp32s provides open platform to support and professional users; those to user function flexibly in various applications. not only integrates with plenty of analog sensing and digital interface, but also integrates esp32s the entire start / receive radio frequency functions with a & w; the antenna switch, radio frequency, power amp; shorter, narrower uscharm petr & auml; rker, filters, power management modules and extended self-calibration. in particular this module r & t .; hrt two 32 - lx6 cpus, the dominant frequency is high up to 240mhz with 7 degreed pipeline architecture. and the esp32 works fine. hig is reliable ssig in industrial environments and operating temperature range of - 40 degrees c to + 125 degrees c. powered by advanced calibration circuitries, esp32 k & all can dynamically adapt itself; to remove external circuit imperfections or adjustment of a & num; changes in & aluml; u and white


the integrated caching system of esp32s is the best way to improve system performance and optimize system storage. the too flexible ram / rom does the structure that only erm & all users; gauch custom r & t .; your unique
requirements and situations. but if esp32s acts as a standalone utility or mainframe mcu slave unit, it shows perfect all round functions. when a slave unit, esp32s offers wifi, wifi to mcu functions through the spi or i2c / sdio / uart interface with pcb antenna which is easy to use, powerful and wide applications.

on the other hand, this esp32s chip r & r .; low cost, mobile electrical eng & auml; te, portable chemical eng & auml; te professional integrates all functions of 2.4 ghz wireless and bluetooth, dual single chip scheme. next to it is tsmc kosteng & professional; other 40 nano crafts & # 65292 optimal energy performance; floor (# 12289) rf performance & # 12289; stability t & # 12289; universalit & auml; t and reliable liquid, satisfying r & t .; the consumption of electricity. as an advanced low cost chip in the industry, esp32s properties with fine edition & all, solution at a gate, savings electricity and dynamic voltage. for example, if it is used for chemical sensor hub, this esp32s module can only be awakened regularly; & white; on certain conditions. definitely the performance of high frequency performance enhancement Thus, people can achieve optimum balance between the correspondence distance data efficiency and power consumption

this is follows: esp32s weighs heavier than esp8266

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