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1pcs/lot ADS1115 Module 16 Bit AD Module 4 Channel Data Acquisition Module

上市日期: 2017-09-25
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the ads1115 module uses the original ti 16 bit data acquisition chip ads1115. 4 road, separate entrance, or 2 road differential input, single channel sampling rate was the highest in 860bps, standard voltage acquisition of 6144 + 6144 v. with onboard voltage reference and onboard amplifier, oscillator, extremely low power consumption.

power supply and 4 street ad entrance each with a filter circuit with current i2c compatible with 5 v to 3.3 v. scm requires only two common io port and the sda (data interface) and scl (rtc) connection can ads1115 data collection.

the properties of ads1115 chip.

1,2,0 v to 5.5 vhochspannungsversorgung.

2, low power consumption, mindest150uaarbeiten.

3, acquisition rateeinstellbar: 8sps - 860sps.

4, the internelow driftspannungsreferenz.

5, the internal oscillator.

6, programmable amplification amplifier, verstärkungseinstellungist, eingangpalette.

7.4 road single endedeingangoder 2 differentialeingang, process control.

8, the eingangsbereichprogrammierungcontrol, 7 species voneingangsbereichoptional:

package: 1 * ad module

1pcs/lot ADS1115 Module 16 Bit AD Module 4 Channel Data Acquisition Module

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