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HM-10 cc2540 cc2541 4.0 BLE bluetooth to uart transceiver Module Central & Peripheral switching iBeacon AirLocate

上市日期: 2017-09-16
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HM-10 CC2540 4,0 transceiver - year central peripheren bluetooth modul

warnung. the dies ist nicht um - 10. "are heißt worked cc41 has bluetooth modul.
the year transceiver bluetooth 4.0 - central peripheren hm 10 cc2540 module
- 100% brand new and high quality.
- to support central and peripheral, change of at command
support remote control mode, remote control device enables pio pin or change settings at commander when connected. (as iphone4s / 5 ipad, note2 etc.)
product parameters
. frequency 2.4 ghz ism band.
. modulation method: gfsk (gaussian frequency shift keying)
. rf power: ≤4dbm, class 2
. sensitivity: < - 84dbm to 0.1%.
. speed: asynchronous: 2.1 mbps / 160 kbps (max)
synchronous: 1 mbps / 1 mbps (max)
. security: authentication and encryption
. service: bluetooth spp (master & slave)
. performance: + 3.3vdc 50ma
. working temperature: - 5 ~ + 65 degrees celsius
.size: 26,9mm x 14mm x 2,2mm
. flash: with 256kb (or more)
additional introduction:
HC- 10 is bluetooth v4.0 to version. use ti chip. hm bluetooth module use csr bluecore or ti cc2540, master and slave roles
in one version, transmission and remote control version and pio condition acquisition functions in one, support the at command to change
module parameters, convenient and flexible. transmission version can be used to transmit data between two bluetooth devices. remote
tax version can be used to control a high or a low level output pio port without other mcu.
when commanders (new version v542)
(test command)
at + baud (query / set baud rate)
at + superfluous (query / set parity)
at + stop (query / set mosaic)
(query / set + uart uart rate, parity, and stop bit)
at + pio (query / set pio pins long command)
at + pio (query / set a pio pin sttus short command)
at + name query / set device friendly name)
in + pin (query / set device password code)
at + standard (reset device settings)
restart (reboot + device)
at + role (query / set device mode, master or slave)
at + clear (clear remote device address when)
at + conlast (try to combine successfully last link device)
at + version (show software version information)
at + help (show help information)
at + radd (query remote device address)
at + ladd (query even address)
at + tye (query / set whether the device boot immediately)
at + work (if device is not working, work, use command + tye)
at + tcon (query / set try to connect remote times)
at + type (query / set working type device, transceiver mode or remote mode)
at + start switch remote control mode transceiver mode)
at + buff (query / set how to use buffer data, duing mode switching time)
at + filt (query / set device when device search)
at + cod (query / set class of device. for example: phone, headset, etc.)
package include:
1 pieces  HM-10 cc2540 4.0 to bluetooth transceiver module to the central peripheralHM-10 cc2540 cc2541 4.0 BLE bluetooth to uart transceiver Module Central & Peripheral switching iBeacon AirLocateHM-10 cc2540 cc2541 4.0 BLE bluetooth to uart transceiver Module Central & Peripheral switching iBeacon AirLocate

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