LILYGO 3.71 inch ink screen with touch for Raspberry Pi LILYPI Btb interface board

上市日期: 2020-12-01
建议销售价: 23.16
LILYGO 3.71 inch capacitive touch ink screen can be used as an independent module to connect to different main control or development boards through the reserved 2.54 row female interface.
It can also be used as a Raspberry Pi, LILY PI directly expands the module, and the corresponding pinout interface is designed to adapt to the Raspberry Pi and LILY PI.
The board also reserves the Btb interface that can expand the T-BLOCK (when using the T-BLOCK expansion, the T-BLOCK motherboard needs to be taken out of the shell).
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3.71 Ink screen extended function board parameters:
  • -3.71 Ink screen parameters

  • Product model GDEW0371W7

  • Type Graphic dot matrix

  • Resolution 416*240(DPI:130)

  • Dimensions (mm) 92.99*53*1.18

  • Field of view size (mm) 81.536*47.04

  • Dot spacing (mm) 0.196*0.196

  • Working temperature 0~50C

  • Storage temperature -25~70C

  • Connector 24 Pin FPC, pitch: 0.5mm

  • Color black and white gray

  • Interface SPI

  • Refresh power consumption (mW) 26.4

  • Standby power consumption (mW) 0.0165

  • Full brush time (S) 4

  • Grayscale 4

  • -Btb (Board-to-board Connectors) 20pin connector

  • -2X20 2.54 pitch female row

  • -4XM3 screw column

Shipping List:

3.71 inch ink screen X 1

LILYGO 3.71 inch ink screen with touch for Raspberry Pi LILYPI Btb interface board

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