ChipESP32-WAROVERLCD3.5 inch capacitive touch screen ST7796 FT6X36USB TO TTLCP2104RelayHFD3 5V 2ARelay connector5.08DC-DC input5-12VDC Block Specifications5.5X2.1TYPE-C input5VUSB output5V 1ABattery interfaceH2.0 3.7V lithium batteryBattery switchToggle SwitchesButtonRST button, custom buttonRTCPCF8563Extension pin2.54 2X20Double-layer USB expansion portOutput 5V 1ADouble-layer USB interfaceThey are I2C/UART functionsGithub Link: Pi is designed and modified by the LILYGO team based on the Raspberry Pi appearance structure. The appearance is similar to the Raspberry Pi motherboard structure. The 2X20 expansion port next to it has reserved pins that match the Raspberry Pi GPIO, which is suitable for some Ras...
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