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Product name: android series of fast charging cable Product specifications: 1 m Product material: avirulent environmental protection rubber Applicable equipment: the market mainstream micro interface digital devicesCurrent: support 2.1 a large current wendin transmission
Notice:   The new tracking number for  Yanwen Economic Air Mail can be traced only befor it arrive the airport of your country,please choose  Special Line-YW/China Post Air Mail or AliExpress Standard Shipping.if you want a full tracking info.The same product will arrive in 15 to 60 days.Tracking info of  Yanwen Economic Air Mail can be check here: ESP-12 ESP8266 Remote Serial Port WIFI Wireless Module ESP8266 - Russian* For get a detail information of product, instruction, guide and software, Pls visit to official page of product. Description:The RobotDyn SAMD21 M0-Mini represents a powerful, 32-bit extension of the Arduino UNO platform, but to small size like Micro or Nano. The board is powered by Atmel’s SAMD21 MCU, featuring a 32-bit ARM Cortex® M0 core.Compatible with Arduino Zero and Arduino M0.The SAMD21 M0-Mini board expands the family by providing increased performance, enabling a variety of project opportunities for devices, and acts as a great educational tool for learning about 32-bit application development. The Zero applications span from smart IoT devices, wearable technology, high-tech automation, to...
description:the ads1115 module uses the original ti 16 bit data acquisition chip ads1115. 4 road, separate entrance, or 2 road differential input, single channel sampling rate was the highest in 860bps, standard voltage acquisition of 6144 + 6144 v. with onboard voltage reference and onboard amplifier, oscillator, extremely low power consumption.power supply and 4 street ad entrance each with a filter circuit with current i2c compatible with 5 v to 3.3 v. scm requires only two common io port and the sda (data interface) and scl (rtc) connection can ads1115 data collection.the properties of ads1115 chip.1,2,0 v to 5.5 vhochspannungsversorgung.2, low power consumption, mindest150uaarbeiten.3, acquisition rateeinstellbar: 8sps - 860sps.4, the internelow driftspannungsreferenz.5, the internal ...
DC DC boost module 0.9 v ~ 5 v to 5 v 600ma usb mobile power boost circuit board description:  DC / DC boost controller chip on the control gfp in ultra compact dc voltage and 0.9 v ~ 5 v 5 v dc can be stable output voltage, output current of 500 ~ 600ma with two aa batteries to enter a single aa battery - powered output current 200ma in mobile phone, digital camera, single - chip products provide. stable output dc voltage 5 v   onboard usb female interface can be directly driven by drive device with flexible usb female to input voltage indicator pcb board size (mm): 34 (mm) x16.2 ultra small size, set in a variety of small items of equipment
Digispark Kickstarter USB Attiny85 Pluggable Development Board USE ATTINY85-20PU DIP CHIP, PluggableIntroduced the ATtiny MCU seriesArt Mel ATtiny model single chip integrated with Couette Mel AVR micro controller and flash memory, including 1KB to 4KB, with a 32 KB to 256 KB SRAM. In addition, these devices support SPI and TWI (with the I2C- compatibility) communication, provides maximum flexibility and the working voltage of 1.8V to 5.5V.ATtinyAVR uses the Aite Mel patented picoPower technology, low power consumption. Through software control system clock frequency, to achieve the best balance between the system performance and power consumption, but also has been widely applied.
Description:1. Support the full range of STM32 SWD interface debugging, simple interface (including power supply), 4 line speed, stable work; Interface definition shell directly address! Don\\\'t need to read instructions!2, support all series STM8 SWIM download debugging (common development environment such as IAR, STVD etc.) are supported. Support the software version is as follows:ST - LINK Utility 2.0 and aboveSTVD 2 and aboveSTVP 3.2.3 and aboveIAR EWARM V6.20 and aboveIAR EWSTM8 V1.30 and aboveKEIL RVMDK V4.21 and above3. Support the firmware upgrade automatically, to ensure that the ST company product support. When they leave the firmware has been upgraded to the latest V2. The J17. S4.4. Increase the 5 v power output, the output it can protect the I/O port, not afraid of error caus...
Note:It's HC-06 Bluetooth moduleAllows your device to both send or receive the TTL data via Bluetooth technology without connecting a serial cable to your computer.Works with any USB Bluetooth adapters.Default Baud Rate: 9600,8,1,n.Built in antenna.Coverage up to 30ft.Bluetooth version: V2.0+EDROperating voltage: 3.3VDefault Baud Rate: 9600,8,1,n.Signal coverage: 30ftItem size: 4.3 * 1.6 * 0.7cmItem weight: 3gPackage size: 9 * 3 * 1cmPackage weight: 8gCommercial Series: Bluetooth module board SeriesWith LED indicator light, use 150mA and 3.3V regulation chip.With VCC.GND.TXD.RXD foot for the BluetoothWith "Re-seach" button(ON/OFF/WAKE foot for it , external MCU outinput "High level" can control module to re-seach)Compatible with bluetooth master module".s...
MPU-9250 modules (three-axis gyroscope + triaxial accelerometer + triaxial magnetic field) Module Model: GY-9250 Use Chip: MPU-9250 Power supply :3-5v (internal low dropout regulator) Communication: Standard IIC / SPI communication protocol -Chip 16bit AD converter, the output data 16 Gyro range: ± 250 500 1000 2000 ° / s Acceleration range: ± 2 ± 4 ± 8 ± 16g Magnetic field range: ± 4800uT Using Immersion Gold PCB, machine welding process to ensure quality 2.54mm pin pitch Module size 15mm * 25mm
describe:The 433MHz antenna must be used in conjunction with the IPEX interface (if the antenna is not connected, it may damage the LoRa chip)Lithium battery charging and discharging circuit, when the battery is full, the blue LED will stop working. When using, pay attention to the positive and negative of the battery, otherwise it will be damaged!Using the IO port touch screen touch signal input, you need to add the 100nF pull-down capacitor at this pin!Example:This product is a SX1278 chip based on ESP32 WIFI increased OLED, namely LoRa remote modem, 433MHz frequency, high sensitivity is about -148dBm, +20dBm output power, high reliability, long transmission distance.The onboard 32MByte Flash, Wi-Fi antenna, 0.96 inch blue OLED display, lithium battery charging circuit, CP2102 interface ...
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