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TTGO Backlight Adjustment PSARM 8M IP5306 I2C Development Board For Arduino HardwareSpecificationsChipsetESPRESSIF-ESP32 240MHz Xtensa® single-/dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessorFLASHQSPI flash/SRAM, up to 4 x 16 MBSRAM 520 kB SRAM , SPRAM 8MKEYreset,bootKEYIO37,IO38,IO39DispalyILI9341 2.2Inch(240*320)USB to TTLCP2104Modular  interfaceSD card、UART、SPI、SDIO、I2C、LED PWM、TV PWM、I2S、IRGPIO、capacitor touch sensor、ADC、DACLNA  pre-amplifierOn-board clock40MHz crystal oscillator Working voltage2.3V-3.6VWorking currentabout 43mASleep current1.1mAAudio ampns4148Working temperature r...
TTGO 433/470/868/915Mhz ESP32 LoRa OLED 0.96 Inch Display Bluetooth WIFI ESP-32 Development Board Module 1set=2pcs Assemble the product demonstration video : 433/470/868/915MHz antenna needs to be in connection with the IPEX interface (if the antenna is not connected, The 433/470/868/915MHz antenna needs to be in connection with the IPEX interface (if the antenna is not connected, the signal will be weaken) Lithium battery charge and discharge circuit, when the battery is full, the LED will stop working. When using, pay attention to '+' and '-' of the battery, otherwise the chip will be damaged!With IO port touch screen touch signal input, you need to add the 100nF pull-down capacitor to this pin!)Prod...
TTGO TS v1.0 esp32 1.44 TFT MicroSD card slot speakers Bluetooth wifi moduleProduct Details Shipping List(Notice: The Shipping not include the battery)1 X TTGO TS v1.0 esp32 1.44 TFT MicroSD card module(include speaker and 1.44 TFT display)1 X Power Cable1 X Free Box
2pcs /433MHZ Built-in FPC Small Size Patch Antenna 433m Adhesive Digital Module Antenna IPEX  SpecificationsProduct Name: 433MHZ built-in FPC antennaFrequency range: 400-433-470MHZStanding wave ratio: Antenna gain: 3DBImpedance: 50ΩAntenna size: 30 * 6 * 0.3mmWire length (height): 110MM (total length 14cm, length 11CM, circuit board length 3CM)Interface Type: IPEX HeadOperating temperature: - 40 ° C ~ + 65 ° CStorage temperature: - 40 ° C ~ + 80 ° CWire size: 1.13 lines  Use ExamplesShipping List:433mhz IPEX Antenna*2
TTGO T1 ESP-32 V1.3 Rev1 wifi Modul + bluetooth +Card bord 4 MB FLASHProduct Detail     For more product information, please click: ListT1 ESP-32 V1.0.0 Rev1  *1Pin *2Power Cable *1
TTGO T-Watch Heart Rate Function Backplane Accessories - Max30102 Heart Rate Blood Oxygen Module ChipProduct Description1.Max30102 heart rate oximetry chip 2.Max30102 heart rate oximetry chip with white case(Already welded)2.Max30102 heart rate oximetry chip with black case(Already welded) Product DetailThe Max30102 heart rate oximetry chip module can be assembled into a heart rate oximetry functional floor with a specific functional floor of the TTGO T-Watch.Shipping ListOption 11 x Max30102 heart rate oximetry chip Option 21 x Max30102 heart rate oximetry chip with white case(Already welded)Option 31 x Max30102 heart rate oximetry chip with black case(Already welded)
TTGO T7 ESP32 Module PICO-D4 4MB SPI Flash Product Details   Use Example Shipping List:ESP32 T7*1Pin*12
433Mhz Lora Pigtail Jump SMA Female Sockets Jack Adapter To U.FL IPX Connectors RG178 Cable For Wifi Router GPS/AP  Name:SMA female sockets jackUse: U.FL IPXCable: RG178Impedance nominal: 50ohmsFrequency Range: 0-6GHzLength: 5CM, 7CM, 10CM, 15CM, 25CM, 40CM, 50CMApplications: Wifi router , Commercial-Grade Wireless, Phone wireless, AP, Blutooth Device, PC, GSM, GPRS, GPS  Real Picture  Shipping List:SMA female sockets cable*1
TTGO T2 ESP32 0.95 OLED SD card  WiFi + Bluetooth ModuleProduct Details Use ExampleShipping List:ESP32 T2*1 For more product information, please click:
0.96 Inch OLED Electronic Module ScreenProduct description1. Resolution: 128*64 dot matrix panel 2. Power supply:    a) VDD=1.65V to 3.3V        For C logic    b) VCC=7V to 15V        For panel drive 3. Dot matrix display   a) OLED drive output voltage, up to 15V   b) Segment maximum current: 100uA   c) Common maximum reverse current: 15mA       D256 level contrast brightness current control 4. Embedded 128*64 bit SRAM display cache 5. Pin selection MCU interface   a) 8-bit 68008000 serial port   b) Line SPl interface   c) I2C interface 6. The horizontal and vertical screens save the continuous scrolling function. 7.RAM wr...
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