TTGO T-Watch Heart Rate Function Backplane Accessories - Max30102 Heart Rate Blood Oxygen Module ChipProduct Description1.Max30102 heart rate oximetry chip 2.Max30102 heart rate oximetry chip with white case(Already welded)2.Max30102 heart rate oximetry chip with black case(Already welded) Product DetailThe Max30102 heart rate oximetry chip module can be assembled into a heart rate oximetry functional floor with a specific functional floor of the TTGO T-Watch.Shipping ListOption 11 x Max30102 heart rate oximetry chip Option 21 x Max30102 heart rate oximetry chip with white case(Already welded)Option 31 x Max30102 heart rate oximetry chip with black case(Already welded)
LILYGO®TTGO PCB Test Clip 7Pin 2.54MM Metal Probe Program Download Programming BurnProduct DescriptionSpacing: 2.54MMProbe model: P75-E2 (Pointed Gold Plated)Needle diameter: 1.3MMNeedle sleeve model: R75-3WWeight:26.5gSize:112*22*33MMIt is recommended that the PCB test point be designed as a 2.54 row of pinholes, with holes for easier positioning.The depth of the single row of clips is 12 mm, and the test point is up to 12 mm away from the edge of the board Shipping List1 X 7Pin 2.54MM Test Clip
LILYGO® TTGO 4Pin Seat For Sensor Module Development BoardProduct DescriptionBend seatStraight seatShipping ListBend Seat Option1 X Bend SeatStraight Seat Option1 x Straight Seat
LILYGO® TTGO 4Pin Cable For Sensor Module Development BoardUsed with MOLEX 53015-0410 and 53014-0410Product Description15CM30CMShipping List15CM Option1 X 15CM Cable30CM Option1 X 30CM Cable
ProtoBoard Schild for TTGO LORA32 doppelseitige perf bord for esp32 lora development boardProduct Details  Shipping List:ProtoBoard Schild*1Pin*2
20CM 40PIN 40P DUPONT LINE MALE TO MALE / FEMALE TO FEMALE / MALE TO FEMALE Jumper Wire CONNECTOR Cable FOR PCB ARDUINOParts no. 40 pieces 1 p - 1 pDupont wire 20 cmPackage: lot of 40 pieces 1 p - 1 p Shipped According To The Kind Of Your Choice  First kind shipping list:40PCS 20cm male to male  jumper wire Dupont cable   Second kinds shipping list: 40PCS 20CM male to female  jumper wire Dupont cable   Third kinds shipping list:40PCS 20CM  female to female jumper wire Dupont cable
433MHZ Built-in FPC Small Size Patch Antenna Adhesive Digital Module Antenna IPEX SpecificationsProduct Name: 433MHZ built-in FPC antennaFrequency range: 400-433-470MHZStanding wave ratio: Antenna gain: 3DBImpedance: 50ΩAntenna size: 30 * 6 * 0.3mmWire length (height): 110MM (total length 14cm, length 11CM, circuit board length 3CM)Interface Type: IPEX HeadOperating temperature: - 40 ° C ~ + 65 ° CStorage temperature: - 40 ° C ~ + 80 ° CWire size: 1.13 lines Use ExamplesShipping List:433mhz IPEX Antenna*1
TTGO T-Camera ESP32 WROVER & PSRAM Camera Module Data Cable Product Description: This cable is specially equipped with TTGO T-Camera ESP32 WROVER & PSRAM Camera Module ESP32-WROVER-B OV2640 Camera Module 0.96 OLED. The Cable .Type: 5V GND 3V3 IO22 IO21
IPEX 8dBi Antenna for Mini32 V2.0 for ESP8266 Mini D1/ESP32-Wrover DescriptionThis antenna is a dual-frequency antenna. I use it on my WiFi deauther OLED application. I find ESP8266 Mini D1+antenna works much better than ESP-12E/F. So I decide to use ESP-07+this antenna for all my projects. Product specificationsFrequency:2400~2500MHz, 4900~5900MHzS.W.R.:Antenna Gain: 8dbiRadiation: Omnidirectional antennaPolarization: LinearImpedance:50RPCB size: 95mm13.5mm0.55mmWire distance: 15cmConnector: IPEX  Use Example   Shipping List 1x IPEX 8dBi Antenna
DIY Box Shell Suitable For PS4-WiFi Temperature And Humidity SensorDescription:DIY box can protect  PS4-WiFi temperature and humidity sensor in all directions.  Product Detail:   Shipping List:DIY Box*1
BME280 Moudle Temperature Humidity Air Pressure, Trinity Environmental Sensor   Product Description Working voltage: 3.3~5VWorking current: 2mAWorking temperature: -40 ° C ~ +85 ° CTemperature detection range: -40 ° C ~ +85 ° C, resolution 0.1 ° C, error ± 0.5 ° CHumidity detection range: 0~100%RH, resolution 0.1%RH, error ±2%RHPressure detection range: 300~1100hPaHumidity measurement response time: 1sModule size: 22 * 25 mmMounting hole size: inner diameter 3.1mm / outer diameter 6mmWeight: 12g    Product DetailIt Can be used with T-Camera    Shipping List1 X BME280 Moudle1 x  Data line
RF Coaxial Connector SMA To IPEX ConnectorProduct UsePackage List1 X  RF coaxial connector SMA to IPEX connector
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