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T-Watch delivers programming fun and makes programming development easier

Time: 2019-05-31
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             Passing the fun of programming and helping children become the creators of the digital age' This is the ideology of the core yuan and the inevitable development direction of future education!With the advent of 5G network testing, recalling the development of Internet big data in recent years, domestic major technology companies have launched smart home devices and intelligent terminal connection/control devices, smart terminals (mobile phones, Internet audio, etc.) around each person, and intelligence. Equipment (smart bracelets, smart watches, smart running shoes, smart air conditioners, etc.) are slowly increasing, infiltrating into our lives and changing every corner of our lives.

           Today,we will take our product T-Watch to communicate with the NeverLand in guangzhou.When you enter the Codelab Club first time, you see the first thing is the access control. It can change the access control system as needed. For example, a party is held here, but people come in intermittently, but for security reasons, we can't let everyone in, so you always need people to open the door, then you can pass here. Create a WeChat group or QQ group, and then set up the system, as long as it is from the group information, you can automatically open the door! This is convenient and safe.

T-Watch delivers programming fun and makes programming development easier

Secondly, the light is at the moment you enter this space. The indoor lighting is slowly measured. The air conditioner adjusts the temperature according to the real-time weather conditions. The air purifier is purifying the air with the horsepower. The humidifier is based on today's air humidity and your body. The state adjusts the humidity in the room. The curtains are automatically turned on, the lights are automatically adjusted with the ambient light, and all devices enter the daytime working state. And when you leave, all devices can automatically go to sleep!

T-Watch delivers programming fun and makes programming development easier

Finally, every table we see is also intelligent, and the lift is free to switch! Then look at the carton piano and carton toy car on the desktop through the virtual reality combination of the Internet of Things, when the combination of the carton piano, toy car and the scene on the screen, we can have a very real experience!

T-Watch delivers programming fun and makes programming development easier

T-Watch delivers programming fun and makes programming development easier

'Artificial Intelligence + Education' has also become a very hot topic. The core part of the artificial intelligence technology - programming has gradually entered the classroom, into the vision of the majority of parents and children.

This is also the reason for the rapid rise of STEM education, and it is also one of the reasons why the core product developed intelligent programming T-Watch, the fun of programming, making programming development easier!

The programmable open source watch T-Watch can be used as a portable device to interact with the environment. Use T-Watch as a somatosensory device to pass information out. You can program various intelligent function modules on it. For example, we can use our programming example to use our soil and environment temperature and humidity detection module to interact with the watch with Bluetooth. View soil moisture, ambient temperature and humidity, or with network relays, through MQTT, interact with the watch, real-time control. Or programmatically to achieve hand-playing piano, play games and other interesting features! Imagination is unlimited, as long as you want everything to be interoperable: T-Watch delivers programming fun, making programming development easier.

T-Watch delivers programming fun and makes programming development easier

T-Watch delivers programming fun and makes programming development easier


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