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Creative Friday

Time: 2019-09-06
Clicks: 13

Inspire your creativity, we pay for your creativity!

LILYGO® launches a new product event - 'Creative Friday', with 5 new free trials every week! This issue is T-Higrow! We hope to collect great ideas about T-Higrow, share your ideas with us, and we will provide free products for 5 of the most creative participants to realize your creativity!

  Creative Friday

1. Activity scheduling process:

Trial product: T-Higrow soil testing module

Application time: September 6, 2019, September 14, 2019;

Successful application time: September 16, 2019

2. Event registration method:

Registration content: “Creative Friday” + participant name + personal information (country, occupation, etc.) + new idea, sent to:

Product Link:

Product Data:

Share to:
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