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Time: 2017-08-02
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This weekend at the Bay Area Maker Faire, Arduino in conjunction with SiFive,
 a fabless provider of the Open Source RISC-V micros, introduced the Arduino
 Cinque. This is a board running one of the fastest microcontrollers available,
and as an added bonus, this board includes Espressif’s ESP32, another wonderchip
that features WiFi and Bluetooth alongside a very, very powerful SoC.

Details on the Arduino Cinque are slim at the moment, but from what we’ve seen
so far, the Cinque is an impressively powerful board featuring the RISC-V FE310
SoC from SiFive, an ESP32, and an STM32F103. The STM32 appears to be dedicated
to providing the board with USB to UART translation, something the first RISC-V
compatible Arduino solved with an FTDI chip. Using an FTDI chip is, of course,
 a questionable design decision when building a capital ‘O’ Open microcontroller
platform, and we’re glad SiFive and Arduino found a better solution. It’s unknown
if this STM32 can be used alongside the FE310 and ESP32 at this point.

We’ve taken a look at SiFive’s FE310 SoC, and it is an extremely capable chip.
It was released first at the HiFive1, and our hands-on testing revealed this is
a chip that outperforms the current performance champ of the Arduino world, the
Teensy 3.6. Of course, with any new architecture, there will be a few problems
 porting the vast number of libraries over to the FE310, but SiFive has included
 an Arduino compatible SDK. It’s promising, and we can’t wait to see SiFive’s
work in more boards.


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