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ESP32 Touch Controlled LED Using Arduino IDE

Time: 2017-08-02
Clicks: 211

This tutorial uses built-in touch sensors on the ESP32 Dev Module to control an LED.

Step 1: Getting the Dependencies.

There are multiple ways to program the ESP32. We will be using the Arduino library. You can download it from the following link:

Clone or extract the libraries in your C:\Users\Documents\Arduino folder.If you do not have Arduino IDE installed already, here is the link to that:






Step 2: Configure the IDE

ESP32 Touch Controlled LED Using Arduino IDE

After completing the previous step, start the IDE and go to Tools>Board menu. Then select ESP32 Dev Module. The default settings should be good for flash speed, upload speed etc. Select the COM port which is connected to the ESP32.

Step 3: Connecting the LED

ESP32 Touch Controlled LED Using Arduino IDE

Next, connect pin GPIO4 (T0) to a wire, this will be the touch sensor input. Connect pin GPIO18 to the + rail of the breadboard and pin GND to - rail of the breadboard. Place a LED with the long wire in the + rail and short wire in the - rail on the breadboard.

Step 4: Download the Code

Download the code from the following link:

Compile and Upload the code to the ESP32. The LED would change intensity according to your touch.

Note: When uploading you may sometimes encounter errors. Press and hold the boot button on the board, while uploading to resolve the error.











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