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第78届中国教育装备展示会就将于重庆国际博览中心举办啦,10月23至25日,哪都不去,就在重庆国际博览中心展位:S2109等你!LILYGO 品牌专注于可编程产品的研发,分为两个产品线,创客产品&少儿编程教育产品。少儿编程教育通过软硬件搭配的方式,让学习编程更加有趣,结合STEM教育理念,研发推出了T-WATCH硬件+Pictoblox软件的搭配,兴趣是孩子最好的老师,透过配套的基础编程入门套件,在玩中学习科学(Science),技术(Technology),工程(Engineering),数学(Mathematics)。LILYGO®将携T-WATCH系列教育套件+PictoBlox软件与大家互动,各种例程小游戏现场体验。
2020 - 10 - 13
Recently, many customers and friends have received T-Watch-2020. We have carefully collected and checked everyone's feedback, most of them are satisfied, thank you for your support and love.But we see some people feedback that there are few routines, and hope to have more playable routines.So, we solicit the routine here, looking forward to your contribution,and those selected will become our LILYGO T-Watch-2020 partners. We will upload a T-Watch-2020 AliExpress sales link with the title of your project, you will get 1 USD for each T-Watch-2020 sold in this link.Email us:
2020 - 07 - 10
LILYGO® TTGO T-PCIE ESP32-WROVER-B AXP192 Chip WIFI Bluetooth Nano Card SIM Series Composable Development Board Hardware
2020 - 06 - 15
LILYGO®TTGO T-Watch-K210 AIOT AI Face Recognition Programmable Development Hardware Built-in OV2640 Lens
2020 - 05 - 09
LILYGO® annual US $ 1 free shipping event, in order to thank the new and old customers for their support, our main US $ 1 event product in 2020 is LILYGO® TTGO T-OI, the duration of the event is 12 hours(02:30 to 14:30) ,April 24 , 2020, there are a total of 600 places, each person is limited to purchase one, first come first serve, hurry up and participate in our activities!The wireless side can scan the QR code to participate in the event purchase, and the PC side can click the link below to participate in the event purchase.
2020 - 04 - 24
New Arrival—T-Call & PMU T-Call & PMU and T-Call V1.3 comparison:AXP192 is the power supply used on the T-Call & PMU board. It is an upgraded version of T-Call V1.3:1. Change the power IC to AXP192 PMU management, support coulomb counter and high precision voltage and current Test function.2. SIM800L RI Pin leads to ESP32, can accept voice or data calls, Wake up from received message.3. The SIM800L DTR Pin leads to SP32, which can wake up SIMM800L from sleep state.
2020 - 04 - 22
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TTGO T-Watch Programmable And Networked Open Source Smart Watch That Interacts With The Environment

Time: 2019-06-12
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T-Watch, a product that is easy to be carried around and programmed anywhere, will be able to achieve what you think. And let us pay for your creativity!

Thank you for your support and look forward to our T-WATCH, which is now available on the market.

T-WATCH is more than just a watch, which is an open source smart watch that can be programmed by yourselves to better meet the needs of programming lovers. It not only inspires the ideas of novelty, but also it can enlightens the beginners of programming.

In order to celebrate the launch of  T-Watch, and better welcome the 618 shopping festival, we will launch a series of promotion activities such as coupons, free shipping for some hot products to some  designated countries, etc. to thank our new and old customers for  your continued support and trust .

If you could use our new products to develop creative and cool routines or applications, don't forget to share! We will evaluate your creative works. As long as they are creative enough, we will give you a cash-back . Let us pay for your creativity!

Let's work together to create a funny programming world that can conveys the joy of programming with our hearts.

So let us get started


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TTGO T-Watch Programmable And Networked Open Source Smart Watch That Interacts With The Environment

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2020 - 10 - 13
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第78届中国教育装备展示会就将于重庆国际博览中心举办啦,10月23至25日,哪都不去,就在重庆国际博览中心展位:S2109等你!LILYGO 品牌专注于可编程产品的研发,分为两个产品线,创客产品&少儿编程教育产品。少儿编程教育通过软硬件搭配的方式,让学习编程更加有趣,结合STEM教育理念,研发推出了T-WATCH硬件+Pictoblox软件的搭配,兴趣是孩子最好的老师,透过配套的基础编程入...
2020 - 01 - 18
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