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LILYGO®TTGO T-Car— Interact With Both T-Watch Software And Hardware Environments 3D Printing Car Shell And Function BoardProduct  Description  Product Size More information: Product Display(Does not include the corresponding function of T-Watch)  Shipping ListOption 1 2 x S90G torque machine (360 degrees)1 x MG90S large torque machine (360 degrees)2 x black track1 x M2.5X10 screw2 x M2X10 screws3 x M3X10 screws5 x M3X14 screws1 x car expansion board1 x2.0 3Pin car extension board cable1 x GP2Y0A21YK0F infrared distance sensor1 x 3D printed white car shell3 x small set of steering gear accessories1 x T-Watch T-Car function Board  Option 2 1 x 3D printed white car shell  Option 3&...
TTGO T-Watch Sensor Module Accessories - Buzzer Button RGB Pir Human Detection DHT11 Photoresistor Infrared Emission And Infrared Reception  More information: Product  Description    1.Button Module:A switch that can control the passage or open circuit. Generally, it is used as a passage and released as an open circuit. Pin DetailsESP32AttributesDescriptionGPIO251-WireButton 2. Buzzer Module:Device that can produce soundThe buzzer is the same as the LED and can be operated with only two pins connected.One end of the 'one' stage is the negative pole (GND), and one end of the 'S' stage is the signal pin (Signal).  Pin Details ESP32AttributesDescriptio...
Use legend: You can also match the icon products: Data map: Shipped according to the kind of your choice : First kind shipping list:1. Lange weibliche pins x4pcs2.kurze weibliche pinsx4pcs3.Normal  pinsx4pcs4.  mini D1 ESP32 blue x1pcs Third kinds shipping list:1. Lange weibliche pins x4pcs2.kurze weibliche pinsx4pcs3.Normal  pinsx4pcs4.  mini D1 ESP32 black x1pcs
Note: we will have the corresponding pin distribution Shipping list:Mini32 V2.0 ESP32 *1SHT30*1OLED*1 buzzer*1 micro SD*1BMP180*1WS18B20*1DS18B20*11-button*1DHT11*1MINI D1 Relay V2*1RTC DS1307*1RTC micro SD*1Protoboard*1dual base*1Tripler Base*1Motor*1DC Power Shield*1battery shield*1Matrix LED Shield V1.0.0 *1
产品详细描述 :TTGO UNO Starter Kit microcontroller board project development module teaching suitePin OUTShipping ListTTGO UNO X 1Steering engine X 1RGB X 1Sensor X 1Button X 1Buzzer X 1Breadboard X 1DuPont line X 1Packing box X 1Photoresistor X 1  产品包装后的尺寸 :28 Centimeters * 20 Centimeters * 8 Centimeters产品包装毛重 :0.150 Kilogram
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