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NEW! nodemcu for arduino ESP-WROOM-02 Conversion board

上市日期: 2017-08-15
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2017 - 11 - 27
TTGO T7 ESP32 Module PICO-D4 4MB SPI Flash Product Details   Use Example Shipping List:ESP32 T7*1Pin*12
2018 - 11 - 14
TTGO has been committed to the design, development and sales of development boards, suffering from the embarrassment of having no enclosure for the products. Many customers ask why they don't add enclosure to the product, so we began to think about how to add a suitable enclosure to our development board, which is beautiful and playable. We were inspired when we chose the packaging carton for...
2017 - 08 - 11
Use legend: You can also match the icon products: Data map: Shipped according to the kind of your choice : First kind shipping list:1. Lange weibliche pins x4pcs2.kurze weibliche pinsx4pcs3.Normal  pinsx4pcs4.  mini D1 ESP32 blue x1pcs Third kinds shipping list:1. Lange weibliche pins x4pcs2.kurze weibliche p...
2014 - 10 - 30
With this Data Log Shield for WiFi D1 Mini board, can saving data to files on any FAT16 or FAT32 formatted MicroSD card. The included RTC (Real Time Clock) can be used to timestamp all your data with the current time, so that you know precisely what happened when!SD card interface works with FAT16 or FAT32 formatted cards.Real time clock (RTC) keeps the time going even when the power disconnected....
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