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TTGO TAudio V1.0 ESP32-WROVER  SD Card Slot Bluetooth WI-FI Module MPU9250 WM8978 12Bits WS2812BProduct DescriptionEspressif official ESP32-WROVER moduleLastest ESP32 Version: REV1WIFIBluetooth  4MB Flash4MB PSRAMLithium battery interface, 500mA Max charging currentMicroSD Card Slot, support SD and SPI modeAudio  WM897812Bits WS2812B RGBMPU9250 Gyroscope Compass 9-Axis SensorProduct DetailsShipping List (Notice:The package not include the battery)1 X TTGO TAudio V1.0 ESP32-WROVER  SD Card Slot Bluetooth WI-FI Module1 X Power CableDetailed program:
GPD2846A TF Card MP3 Decoder Board 2W Amplifier development ModuleFeatures:    Working Voltage: 3.7V Lithium Battery 600MA or 5V USB Power Supply   Chip:GPD2846A   Chip Footprint:SOP16   PCB Size:34.23MM*22.33MM*1MM   with 2W Mixed mono   With Power supply ,it can play Automaticly   With LED indicator   Supports MP3 format playback   Supports USB audio mode   Supports 3 types FM radio chip : RDA5807, BK1080 and RTC6207E.   Does not support infrared remote control.   Does not support USB device mode     shipping Included:  1 x  GPD2846A TF Card MP3 Module
D1 mini V3.0.0 4MB WIFI Internet of Things development board based ESP8266 for Arduino for MicroPython for Nodemcu CompatibleWhat's new about V3.0.0- Optimize the circuit- Add Deep-Sleep jumper.- Default firmware: lastest MicroPython ESP8266 firmware.Features- 11 digital input/output pins, all pins have interrupt/pwm/I2C/one-wire supported(except D0)- 1 analog input(3.2V max input)- a Micro USB connection- Compatible with MicroPython, Arduino, Nodemcu- lots of Shields   Shipping listD1 mini x1pcsLong femalepinsx2pcs Short female pins x2pcsNormal pins x2pcs
YX5300 UART TTL Serial Control MP3 Music Player Module Support Micro SD/SDHC Card For Arduino/AVR/ARM/PIC 3.2-5.2VFeatures:Support sampling frequency (kHz):8 / 11.025 / 12 / 16 / 22.05 / 24 / 32 / 44.1 / 48Support file format:MP3/WAVSupport Micro SD card, Micro SDHC Card30 class adjustable volumeUART TTL serial control playback mode, baud rate is 9600bpsPower supply can be 3.2 ~ 5.2VDCSize:43mm x 25mm  Package Included: 1 x YX5300 Module
Describe:The 868/915MHz antenna needs to be in connection with the IPEX interface (if the antenna is not connected, it may damage the LoRa chip)Lithium battery charge and discharge circuit, when the battery is full, the blue LED will stop working. When using, pay attention to the positive and negative of the battery, otherwise it will be damaged!With IO port touch screen touch signal input, you need to add the 100nF pull-down capacitor to this pin!example:This product is a SX1276 chip based on ESP32 WIFI increased OLED, namely LoRa remote modem, 868-915MHz frequency, high sensitivity is over-148dBm, + 20dBm output power, high reliability, long transmission distance.the onboard 32MB Flash wi-fi antenna, 0.96 inch blue oled display, lithium battery charging circuit, CP2102 interface and USB ...
Notice:We will send the latest version of product, the upgraded function. It may has different shape or color. If you can't agree, pls don't buy. Pls choose available tracking info shipping method, never ask a tracking number if your shipping method is not available. ESP32 is already integrated antenna and RF balun, power amplifier, low-noise amplifiers, filters, and power management module. The entire solution takes up the least amount of printed circuit board area. This board is used with 2.4 GHz dual-mode Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips by TSMC 40nm low power technology, power and RF properties best, which is safe, reliable, and scalable to a variety of applications.    High performance-price ratio   Small volume, easily embeded to other products &...
TTGO T5s V1.9 ESP32 2.7" EPaper Plus Module for Alexa I2S DAC MAX98357A  MEMS microphone ICS43434 Characteristics Lastest ESP32 Version: REV1 2.7″ePaper board consisting of ESP32-D0WDQ6, I2S DAC MAX98357A, and two pcs I2S MEMS microphone ICS43434 Single channel, Class-D amplifier embedded DAC, MAX98357 is connected to ESP32 through I2S bus. MEMS microphone Invensense ICS-43434 is connected to ESP32 through I2S bus. On-board USB-UART interface (CP2102) with several glue logic for direct binary uploading. WIFI Bluetooth 4 MB Flash 3D ANTENNA 2A Battery Management LED indicator: There are 4 LEDs show the battery status in real time. Power button: Click one time will start. Fast click 2 times will shut down. 2.7″ ePaper module 264*176 pixels,  TFCARD Protection: Short prote...
TTGO T-Eight Esp32 SH1106 1.3 inch OLED display(5-SDA 4-SCL) IPEX 3D antenna 4MB SPI Flash 4MB Psram  CharacteristicsLastest ESP32 Version: REV1WIFIBluetooth4 MB Flash4 MB PSRAMlithium battery interface, 500ma charging currentTF Reader3D ANTENNA2A Battery ManagementLED indicator: There are 4 LEDs show the battery status in real time.Power button: Click one time will start. Fast click 2 times will shut down.OLED display (5-SDA, 4-SCL.)Protection: Short protection. Over charging protection. OverflowingNavigation button changed (IO34, IO35, IO39)Use DomeShipping List(No include battery)1 X  TTGO T-Eight Esp32 Module1 X  Power Cable2 X  Pin
TTGO LORA32 V2.0 868/915Mhz ESP32 LoRa OLED 0.96 Inch SD Card Blue Display Bluetooth WIFI ESP32 ESP-32 Module with AntennaProduct DescriptionWorking voltage: 1.8~3.7vAcceptable current:10~14mATransmit current: 120mA@+20dBm                              90mA@+17dBm                              29mA@+13dBmOperating frequency: 868M/915MTransmit power: +20dBmReceive sensitivity :-139dBm@LoRa &62.5Khz&SF=12&146bps-136dBm@LoRa &125Khz&SF=12&293bps-118dBm@LoRa &125Khz&SF=6&9380bps-123dBm@FSK&5Khz&1.2KbpsFrequency error:+/-15KHzFIFO space :     64ByteData rate :1....
TTGO TS v1.0 esp32 1.44 TFT MicroSD card slot speakers Bluetooth wifi moduleProduct Details Shipping List(Notice: The Shipping not include the battery)1 X TTGO TS v1.0 esp32 1.44 TFT MicroSD card module(include speaker and 1.44 TFT display)1 X Power Cable1 X Free Box
TopBottom    After solder  Shipping list:1. Pins x6pcs2. Tripler Base  x1pcs
SHT30 Shield V2.0.0 SHT30 I2C digital temperature and humidity sensor module for D1 mini  Features:I2C Interfac  Two user selectable addresseTypical accuracy ±3%RH and ±0.3Separable designΦ2mm mounting holes  Connect other productsShippin list:1 X SHT30 Shield2 X Pin
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